About Classycool

Classycool want to change the perception that classical music is outdated and boring, without trivialising it. Using some of London's most talented musicians they play at an exceptionally high level while creating a dynamic, funny and engaging show. Entertaining for both adults and children, they are the perfect addition to any event. People will leave remembering the special and unique entertainment that was provided by Classycool! 



'Thank you for making my wedding incredibly special! Nothing could have done a better job of getting people ready for a good time. You guys were brilliant and helped make a very special day utterly amazing. I can't sing your praises highly enough.'
THANK YOU!!! xx'
- Elizabeth Swain

Classycool! 20th of May was a delightful evening! Thank you for such humourous, fun and lively performance at the Sheringham Little Theatre :) We loved it so much and seeing my two Misters (husband and son) next to me enjoy the evening is second to none! We await your next visit <3😀☺️
— Len Lambert